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Kabutokari Height: 122m

Weight: 30,000 metric tons Gender: Male Combat style: Charging Primary attacks: Horn crusher, Pincer crunch Secondary attacks: Shell slam, Double punch, Flip kick Primary weapon: Wing razors Secondary weapon: Energy horn Energy style:Fury Overview: Kabutokari is a giant red beetle with a rhinoceros beetle horn and stag beetle jaws, he also has a giant shell with wings underneath and long thin limbs. This beast loves to fight and will run to its enemies and slam into them with all of his might just for a fight. Origin: One day in a beetle fighting tournament a stag and rhinoceros beetle were fighting but after the fight the beetles escaped and got near a nuclear power plant as they combined and mutated into a giant beetle monster with a blood lust Energy System: Kabutokari loves to fight but when he refrains from fighting he loses energy so he must fight to keep his power high. Ranged Combat: Kabutokari's ranged attacks are limited to shooting his wings at enemies and throwing the terrain.. Grappling: Kabutokari has weak arms therefor he cannot throw with them however he has giant stag beetle like pincers to grab enemies and throw them across the area with he can also throw the enemies in the air and hit them with his horn to deal more dammage. Melee Combat: Kabutokari is very dangerous up close being able to jab with his horn and slash with his wings, he can also deal weak punches and kicks but amazingly strong body slams. Weaknesses: Kabutokari is most dangerous up close but he is very slow so if you keep hitting him with projectiles it will take much longer for him to deal powerful hits.

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