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Welcome! Kodoja: Terror Mountain Showdown features the combined efforts of Keith Foster, Rory Smith, Lance PIlgrim, and the band Big Pimp Jones to create a cinematic comic experience that harkens back to Giant Monster movies of the 60s and 70s. We've come to you and Kickstarter with hope of producing a five-issue comic series that begins the Kodoja story. Thanks for your continued support!

A giant biomechanical monster created by the government activates three years after being shut down by the government's Special Weapons Division and begins a swath of destruction across the countryside. While the 20-story goliath continues its rampage, questions are asked around the activation and the ostracized staff of Special Weapons is tasked to monitor the beast. Meanwhile, something darker and more sinister seems to be at play.

Comics are the Medium We love movies, but with all due respect this is a story meant to be told in comics. With some imagination and far less constraints, we can do things using the comics medium that can't be done in cinema.

A Brand New Story and Mythology Let's be honest, there can never be enough Giant monster stories out there and it's not like there are many, anyway. Godzilla and Gamera have combined for about 10 new movies since the year 2000 and a trickling of comics. There needs to be more Giant monster destruction out there!

Kaiju Fans + Comic fans + Sci-Fi fans As huge fans of comic books and kaiju, we like to think this is a story that can appeal to both. There are also elements of shows such as Lost and even the X-Files in the storytelling and characters.

Kodoja Concept Sketches by Rory Smith We Can't Do It Without You With your support we'd love to bring this story to life and complete the first arc of the Kodoja saga. All funds received will directly support the printing / delivery of the comics along the following schedule: Issues 1 and 2 (December 2012), Issue 3 (February 2013), Issue 4 (April 2013) and Issue 5 (June 2013).

Postage is Included! We've factored in postage in terms of the rewards. Again, note that we will ship issues to you as they become available based on the schedule mentioned in the paragraph above.



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