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Welcome to the Colossal Kaiju Combat Wiki

Welcome to The KaijuCombat Wiki.

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A warm welcome to fans of games and giant monsters alike! This wiki is dedicated to documenting the events of Sunstone Games's epic masterpiece: Kaiju Combat! We are not only a database for canon monsters, but also a database in the working for hopefully every fan made kaiju ever. Changes are welcome to help expand the Kaiju Combat universe, and we encourage everyone to help make our wiki great by adding information and images when needed! Let the Collosal Kaiju Combat begin!


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What is Kaiju Combat?

Kaiju Combat is an Indie game under development by Sunstone Games. It is being led by former Pipeworks employee Simon Strange, with art contributed by comic book and Godzilla fan artist Matt Frank. Most of the game staff for Kaiju Combat worked with Mr. Strange on the three Atari-Pipeworks Godzilla games: Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee for the Nintendo Gamecube and Xbox, Godzilla: Save the Earth for the Xbox and Playstation 2, and Godzilla: Unleashed for the Nintendo Wii and Playstation 2. The combat system for Kaiju Combat is being heavily influenced by the second game in the trilogy, Godzilla: Save the Earth. Simon Strange and Sunstone Games are both trying to get characters from fans and licensed products, some named are Ultraman, Gamera, Godzilla, King Kong and the State Puff Marshmellow Man.

You can check out the official Kaiju Combat forums here!  Also on deviantart, more images of the official monsters colored in. [1] And please do check out the affiliates of this wiki.


Some of the monsters here include licensed monster that Sunstone Games bought writes from other companies to use. Most of them are Fan Made Monsters which are made by fans but still can get them into the card game or official video game franchise. Of course not every one submitted will get in. People still want to find a Kaiju Combat resource with every Fan Made Monster included. That is what we here at the Kaiju Combat Wiki are trying to do. On YouTube many companies have removed content even though it is justified. From a legal and constitutional perspective a user asking us to remove their content is the same as someone selling it for profit because everyone has implied by placing their Kaiju on the forums that they want their Kaiju to be put in a position were it can be used for profit.


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