Welcome to the Manual of Style, or the MoS. If you have suggestions for the MoS, please leave it the talk page.

Naming System

Please leave out the title of Kaiju. For example, Xeraimus, God of all Monsters should just be called Xeraimus. If there are two things in the Kaiju Combat Universe with the same name, like if there was a Kaiju named Matt Frank and a human named Matt Frank, then give name the human page Matt Frank (Human) and leave the Kaiju Matt Frank.


It should have the weight, height, ect. should be in bold and in a list. The Origin should come second after that with two equal signs (=) on both sides. Same with the rest.


Most categories are irrelevant though there are a few that are a necessity. One is if it is not a Kaiju, please put "Locations", "People", "Real People", ect. If it is a Kaiju and it on the Zoho Wiki, then put down "Official Kaiju Combat Monsters". If not, put down "Fan Made Monsters".


When editing these stats, they should have the part before the colon in bold ('''object name'''). It should something like this;

Gender: Male

Weight: 30,000 Metric Tons

Combat Style: Melee

Primary Attacks: Claw Chomp, Back Scrape, Forn Rays, Forn Breath, Club Tail, Forn Up, Forn Stomp

Secondary Attacks: Horn, Bite

Primary Weapons: Spine Chargers, Spiked Feet, Claws, Mouth, Club Tail

Secondary Weapons: Horn

Every other stats should have what is before the colon have this on bot sides, (==) and the colon should be removed.

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