Kaijudo is a television series and card game that is about a boy named Ray and his friends out to stop evil. The series itself is very similar to shows like Dig-i-mon, Yu-gi-o, Poke-mon, and other shows that follow a similar trend of using creatures in games that have the fate of lives on their shoulders.

Legal IssuesEdit

The creators of Kaijudo sued Sunstone Games because it had the word Kaiju at the beginning of its title, despite the word "kaiju" being in the public domain. Thus, Sunstone Games changed the name Kaiju Combat to Colossal Kaiju Combat.



There are many characters in Kaijudo though the main characters encompass the following;


Kaiju in this series are used similarly to the Digimon in Digimon. They are called creatures in the show. These are the kaiju of the series;

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