BIO: Height: 150 meters Weight: 120,000 tons Gender: Male Combat Style: Melee Primary Attacks: Talon Slash, Headbutt Secondary Attacks: Bear Hug, Tail slash Primary Weapon: Fireballs, Fire Streams (From lower mouth) Secondary Weapon: Blue Lightning (From upper mouth) Energy Style: Fury

Overview: Kardon is a mutated Alien and the ruler of his own planet, Ultsu-Nova, and intends to take down the remaining planets for his amusement. Kardon is feared by most of the inhabitants as he is a ruthless, unapologetic beast that only craves for destruction. He becomes stronger when he is exposed to solar rays (AKA Sunlight).

Origin: Kardon was originally a Gavatos, a peaceful and weak Saurian Alien race. Kardon's home planet, Gavatosan of the Metronix Galaxy, was destroyed by the explosion of their star. However, Kardon reacted to the Solar Energies and transformed into the Kardon we all fear today.

Melee Combat: Kardon's primary attacks is his amazing physical abilities. Heavy punches can probably knock back the opponent a considerable distance. Kardon could flail his arms around, knocking over enemies as well. On top of having physical strength, Kardon has blades located in a large amounts of spots, where he can even slash his opponents, or dig his elbow talons into foes.

Energy System: While Kardon primarily uses physical attacks, he is not without energy powers. His lower mouth (main) can blast balls or streams of fire. His secondary mouth (upper) can shoot an array of blue lightning bolts that can do not just damage, but may stun the foe. He only uses his second mouth for his fury attack.

Ranged Combat: Aside from energy attacks, Kardon lacks ranged abilities except for possibly his bladed tail, which he can use to slash his opponents from a medium distance.

Grappling: Kardon can grab his opponents with all 4 of his arms, can bear hug, throw the opponent around, or even smash the opponent to the floor.

Weaknesses: Kardon is slow, heavy, and lacks a fair amount of ranged attacks. Characters that are fast, have decent ranged attacks, or use the foe's weight against him will have the advantage.