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Cerberus Klon2
Kerberos Klon kaiju that has won sponsorship and created by user Wolfkin2k


Name: Kerberos Klon

size: 85 meters

Weight: 52,000 tons

Gender: Male

Primary attack: Melee

Primary weapon: Chains

Secondary weapon: Claws and burning touch


Kerberos is a large bipedal werewolf like version of Hade's Hell hound Cerberus ceated by Hades to do his bidding. He has a sadistic streak when it comes to people and kaiju, he enjoys ot see them in pain especially when he is the one causing it. During his creation Kerberos was given the power to control blue hellfire, and a chain forged in the same fire that he controls.


Long ago when monsters use to rule the ancient Greek world. A three headed dog was born from two of the greatest monsters, Typhon, and Enchida. This beast now protects the realm to hades while above new monsters have arived and were killing people left and right and the under world was overflowing with the dead. Hades saw great potential in these "Kaiju" He thought that if he could some how capture one and steal it's power he could become unstopable. He looked at his hell hound Cerberus and finally decided the best way to capture one is to create one. He asked for help from Prometheus, and Hephestus. Prometheus created the body from fur and clay, and Hephestus created a chain for the giant beast to use and embueded it with the fire of the underworld. Upon the completion of both hades granted Kerberos the power of hellfire. The beast now prepares for battle and to drag the most powerful kaiju in the over world into hell.