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King Saedoen (formerly Saosin and Ishnura) is an up-for-sponsorship monster created by Kaiju Combat forum user Rumors Of The Wired. 

King Saedoen
King Saedon
Height 110 meters
Weight  50,000 tons
Gender Male
Combat Style Melee
Primary Attacks Claws, Knuckles, Punches, Kicks
Secondary Attacks Charging, Digging, Crushing
Primary Weapon
Secondary Weapon
Energy Style Stamina


King Saedoen is an ancient sonic cicada nymph (Saocada), mutated by atomic bomb testings.


During in the Carboniferous period, giant insects were everywhere. One certain species of insect was the giant cicada, the Saocada, which resembled the present day cicada nymph, only bigger, and spent their life on the ground instead of flying like their present day brothers.

Due to an oxygen overdose, one saocada grew to titanic poportions! Unfortunately, the changing atmosphere forced the saocada to hibernate under the ground for 350 million years... Until now!

Awoken and mutated even farther by atomic testing, the ancient cicada has found the atmosphere to be at least breathable. It's not perfect, but he can do his job just fine. Dubbed by scientists as "King Saedoen" An ancient force of sonic destruction walks the earth once more!


Melee Combat

King Saedoen most definitely doesn't lack in claw-to-claw combat! King Saedoen can use his hook-like claws to slash opponents, he can pull off powerful punches, and using his massive hands, he can slap and backhand his opponents to the ground.

King Saedoen has a special sonic-based melee attack where his claws vibrate at an extremely high frequency allowing them to cut through almost any material with ease by interfering with molecular bonds, his Sonic Claws are like a close ranged version of his Sonic Beam.


King Saedoen specializes in grappling moves, using his sheer strength, he can pick up, toss, and slam his opponents all around the battleground! Ranged Combat

King Saedoen's ranged attacks are both sonic based. King Saedoen can emit a deafening, super-sonic attack known as the Cicada's Song, which can not only be used to damage the enemy kaiju, it can also do damage to their equilibrium, throwing them off balance, and it has the chance of stunning them as well. King Saedoen's second ranged attack is his Sonic Beam, which King Saedoen can fire a super-sonic beam from his mouth that can slice through objects rather than cause them to explode like most beam attacks do, making it a deadly weapon during battle! But although King Saedoen's ranged attacks are both powerful and deadly, he relies on close ranged combat rather than ranged attacks.


King Saedoen is most certainly not the speediest of kaiju. A monster with great speed could easily run circles around him, making it quite difficult for him to land a hit. But King Saedoen's biggest weakness is ice-based attacks, which can make King Saedoen's movements sluggish, and eliminates the ability for him to sing his Cicada's Song.


King Saedoen has a unique feature where he is able to molt his skin once during a match after sustaining a certain amount of damage.

When he molts, his skin color becomes lighter, and his body becomes softer, which boosts his speed, and causes him to regain energy faster, but at the cost of lowering his defence, as well as his melee attacks.

Molting lasts through the rest of the match, so use it wisely as a strategic move.


  • Saosin
  • King Saedoen
  • Ishnura

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