Human shooter
Height: 100 meters

Weight: 90,000 metric tons Gender: Male Combat Style: Grapple, Melee Primary Attacks: Headbutts, Bites, Tail

Secondary Attacks: Salarymen Primary Weapon: Skyscraper Suplex, Scalding Sink Water Secondary Weapon: Kingly Curb Stomp, Salaryman Shot Energy Style: Elemental Affinity


Overview: The spirits of fallen buildings began to rage! Seeking the ruin of their destroyers, they form the powerful beast: King Tatemono the building monster! Sick of seeing these kaiju destroy his kind for years, King Tate goes to action! Feel the rage of his kind, foul beasts! Revenge is at hand!

Origin: They are forgotten, they are left for the slaughter when they arrive, and they are brushed aside after the storm. They are buildings and they to feel pain. Now, the spirits of fallen buildings rage! Years upon years of falling to these monsters, they finally had enough! They form themselves into the image of their killers and become the living building: King Tatemono!

Tatemono now cries for vengeance! He walks the world to attack the beasts that harm his people!

Energy System: King Tate runs on electricity. Why? Because buildings can’t eat, silly! All his inner workings need it. Even the little lights and water coolers in him!

Ranged Combat: Tatemono, using the power of architecture, sends all the water within his concrete body, heats it up, and unleashes a torrent of hot sink water at his foes! Ow! That stings! Or What’s this? These little folk are inside him?! We can’t have that! Launch these peons into the monsters face! Piddling damage, but really funny to watch!

Those didn't work? Well...throw your arm at him! That'll learn em!

Grappling: What do builds do in a fight? They fall down, but Tate brings you down with him! While Tatemono has arms, they’re not all that good for throwing. That’s what mouths are for! King Tate uses his concrete jaw and iron strength to grapple and drop opponents!

Melee Combat: His arms are a little more usefully here, but Tate relies more on this head and tail! While he's more of a grappler, Tate is also quite the brawler. Powerful headbutts,snapping jaws, and his nasty horn makes him formidable and his tail brings the pain. Well, till the it falls off from over usage, anyway.

(Tentative idea): Parts of him can fall off of him if he gets too damaged in certain areas, but he can use them as weapons. He can regain them through recharging.

Weaknesses: With him being a building means he capable of getting wrecked! He his also about as graceful as a building as well! He doesn’t move that well! Very capable of getting shaken apart.

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