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Height: 95 meters

Weight: 40,000 metric tons

Gender: Male

Combat Style: Melee, Kung Fu

Primary Attacks: Hammer arm, side kick

Secondary Attacks: Eagle claw

Primary Weapon: Sonic wave

Secondary Weapon: Poison bite

Energy Style: Stamina


Ktunu is the defender China. He protects his home land at all cost. He attacks with the spirit of Kung Fu.


Born in the 1800's in the forest of China near a village, Ktunu started life as mutated beetle the size of a dog. For unknown reasons he continued to grow. He became a legend around the local village. He watched over the village. Learning from them the ways of Kung Fu. In 1915 a large earth quake laid waste to the area. Ktunu fell deep into the Earth. He was trapped. There he stayed, growing and growing. By 1990 Ktunu had finally stopped growing, to an amazing 95 meters high. Over the many years he remembered only one thing...the ways of Kung Fu. Finally another earthquake shook the land in 1995. This time Ktunu was so large when the ground collapsed he arose from the rubble. He came back into the real world, swearing to protect the land he grew up in. Ktunu fights off all threats to China...with Kung Fu.

Energy SystemEdit

Ktunu gains energy from resting and eating. Ranged Combat: Ktunu has a sonic wave beam he can shoot from his head. He can emit different frequencies. Grappling:Thanks to his large claws and mandibles Ktunu is an excellent grappler. Ktunu likes to hold his opponents in place and throw combo strikes using kicks, claws, and head butts. He also grabs his opponents and performs take downs. His bites are moderately poisonous, causing slight dizziness in his opponents.Melee Combat: Ktunu is mostly a melee fighter. He uses Kung Fu attacks. High kicks and swift punches. His forearms are spiked so he uses his forearm like a hammer to slam his opponents. He also uses strong side kicks, and claw slashes. Eagle claw is a form he uses to attack swiftly, and overwhelm his opponents. Weaknesses: Ktunu is weak against fire and anything hotter than 250 degrees fahrenheit. He can't swim. Ktunu will drown in anything deeper than 90 meters.

Ferocity.....6 Agility........6 Power........4 Fortitude....3 Strength....5 Weight.......5