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Height: 103 meters Weight: 60,000 metric tons Gender: Male Combat Style: Melee/Ranged Primary Attacks: Trident, Shield Secondary Attacks: Longbow Primary Weapon: Aquarius Trident, Libra Shield Secondary Weapon: Sagittarius Longbow Energy Style: TBA

Overview: A colossus, artifcial creature, whose power is comparable with the power of titans and gods. Koros's armor was shaped in a way to contain 12 star signs. It was meant to symbolize the goodwill of the stars towards people and at the same time it was to give the colossus energy from four elements: wind, fire, earth and water.

Genesis: Among hundreds myths there are those that are forgotten. Among those forgotten ones there are myths that have really happened. The myth of Kuros is in fact true. The mankind have totally forgotten, how the titan Prometheus wanted to thank Heraklis for saving his life (from horror that have allegedly lasted for 30 milleniums).

Prometheus's thanks to the mankind was his biggest gift . This good and generous maker lived in fear of wiping his beloved creatures off the face of the globe by another Titanomachia (war between titans and gods). Thus, he created a giant colossus. The colossus with 12 zodiac signs, possessing the powers of 4 elements was to protect people from the wrath of gods.

Prometheus was aware of human nature, so he did not give people the full power over Kuros. The colossus was to be activated only during biggest threats.

There were no emergencies during the times of ancient Greece... There were no emergencies in the ages to come... Kuros have returned today. But it's not a titanomachia now, it's... Kaijumachia.

Meele: Kuros uses his two stances during a fight. In his Kronos stance Kuros’s weapons are Aquarius Trident and his Libra Shield. This gives him advantage both in offensive strikes and defensive moves.

Ranged: Kuros's second stance is named after Gaia, Mother of Titans. When it’s triggered his weapon is changed to a longbow. It allows him to shoot Promethean arrows – filled with fire that ages ago was given to the humankind.

Grappling: Kuros rushes to his enemy, then strikes with his shield to Flip his enemy over. Weaknesses: Kuros gets enormous power in the Kronos stance, but nothing comes without a price. His weapons are too heavy to allow him to jump or dash. Slow movement makes him vulnerable to fast attacs from a distance. Similar weaknesses are in Gaia stance. Although Kuros is nimble, he can jump and dodge, his defensive abilities drastically deteriorate. All close combats make him almost defenceless - in such situations he can only use his legs.

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