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Height: 82 meters Weight: 42,000 metric tons Gender: Male Combat Style: Melee Primary Attacks: Punches, Kicks Secondary Attacks: Teeth Primary Weapon: An advertisment pole from his favorite fast food restaurant Secondary Weapon: His Sunglasses (Range Weapon) Energy Style: Hunger Overview: Louis is a giant boy desperately on the neverending quest to appease his giant hunger. Origin: Louis sat in front of his PC surfing websites he shouldn't see a thunderstorm roamed over the city. Suddenly he was beamed up by a pink light and found himself in a strange place full of shiny machineries. Dark skinned human-like creatures appeared and made sounds, Louis wasn't able to understand. Soon he lost consciousness. He woke up on a giant field of grass to see, that he was suddenly 42 times bigger than he was before. He found a pair of orange sunglasses, big enough to put on. On that day Louis started wandering the planet carrying around a stolen advertisment pole from his favorite fast food restaurant as a weapon and looking sharp with his sunglasses. Always on the search to satisfy his immense hunger he goes around and eats what he can find not caring for those, that get harmed during the process. Energy System: Louis, the Hungry needs a lot of energy, which means, he needs a lot of food. Luckily his body learned to digest nearly everything when he became a giant. He still gets more energy out of animals (and his enemies) than concrete buildings though. Ranged Combat: Louis is able to throw anything he finds at his enemy. He even throws his own shoes if he has to. He also learned over the years, when he throws his stylish sunglasses just right they just come back like a boomerang and they penetrate nearly anything that's in the way with its sharp edges. Grappling: By watching some Wrestling shows in his past he learned how to do a German Suplex and other basic moves. He can also pick up and throw kaiju monsters that aren't too heavy. Louis especially likes to grab his enemies by the hair (or just the head) and then throw them around. Melee Combat: Louis fights best in Melee Combat. Not only is he able to do some powerful kicks and punches. He is also trained very well in using the advertisement pole he took away from a fast food restaurant to inflict massive damage. Getting hit by this thing surely leaves a mark. He also attacks with his teeth and eats parts of his enemy this way. Even if it's the slimiest toxic ball of tentacles. His hunger will let him swallow anything. Weaknesses: Without anything consumable nearby Louis isn't able to bring up the power to inflict a lot of damage. Additionally his bad reactiontime makes it hard for him to repel or avoid charge attacks. He is also easily weakened by cold temperatures and especially ice seems to be his absolute nemesis.

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