Height: 90 meters

Weight: 60,000 tons

Gender: Female

Combat Style: Primarily Melee, has ranged support

Primary Attacks: Slash, tail swipe, stab with tail end, slams into opponent, bite

Secondary Attacks: Acid "bullets", Acid Spray, Poison Beam

Primary Weapons: Claws, Tail, mouth, weight,

Secondary Weapons: Beam, Acid

Energy System: Fury

Overview: A fusion of a mantis, scorpion, and horned beetle, with some minor adjustments. This beast has a wide array of weapons that help her in most situations.

Origin: As a response to the growing kaiju threat, mankind has constructed mechanical units to fight back. However, Dr. Jack Lasourt had no faith in machines, as they could always have technical errors. He instead created a bio weapon. Unfortunately for him, while the beast was still very young (she stood at 10 feet), she broke free and killed a dozen people. As a result, Mantanex was locked away, destined to be used for the study of kaiju anatomy. However, an alien spy kidnapped her, and took her back to his planet, where a full out war on Earth was being planned. During the Earth invasion, Mantanex would repent and fight alongside humanity, repelling the invasion. She resides in earth now, being what some call an "Earth Defender"

Energy: Mantanex regains energy by attacking her foes

Ranged: While being primarily melee based, Mantanex does have ranged capabilities. The first is the acid, and the second is a beam weapon.

Grappling: Mantanex can impale smaller objects with her tail and fling them, but cannot do this to other kaiju.

Melee: Mantanex's comfort zone. She loves to get up close and unleash all she has. Slashes, bites, impaling with tail, charging, its all unleashed here.

Weakness: Mantanex's energy system can be a weakness if she can't pull off attacks. Her defenses and also average at best. Any kaiju who can deal enough damage before she can will easily win.

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