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Height: 110 m (length)

Weight: 66,000 tons

Gender: Male

Primary Attack: Teeth

Secondary Attack: Tail Slap

Primary Weapon: Electrical Blast

Secondary Weapon: Electrical Pike


The last of the great prehistoric sharks known as the Megalodon swims deep in the ocean, but one day he is detected by a submarine! The humans now want to catch the creature but it's strong skin is impervious to bullets and harpoons; a scientist creates a powerful electronic cannon that will be used to stun the creature, but the plan goes wrong, in a deadly battle the Megalodon's tough body absorbs the electricity and supercharges him, transforming the creature into a massive beast that can defy gravity and use his new electronic powers to fry his enemies....Megalowatt is born!


Megalowatt uses electric based attacks such an electic beams from his mouth and eyes, he can also stun enemies with a small static shock before biting into his opponent with his supercharged jaws. He no longer needs to live in water as his electric power keeps him alive, plus he can fly.

Attacks: Electronic bite, Tail swipe, Static strike, Eye beams.

Weakness: High powered projectiles and fire based weaponry.