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Height:55 Meters Weight: 30,000 Metric Tons Gender: Female Combat Style: Melee Primary Attack: Horn Stab Secondary Attack: Hind Leg Kick Primary Weapon: Horn Secondary Weapon: Hooves Energy Style: Rampage

Overview: Miss Behemoth is a genetically engineered mega cow that escaped captivity. Origin: In the deserts of Texas, greedy business owners and radical scientist gather all in the interest of profit. Their plan was to create the most efficient and profitable way to farm meat by making a giant cow so they would only have to feed and slaughter one animal at a time to feed the thousands. First, they searched the globe for the best cattle to gather for the project. After collecting the best genes for their master piece, they finally had bred the perfect cattle. Strait from birth the scientists injected her with large amounts of hormones and other horrible chemicals to increase her growth which caused her to develop male like features. For her hole life she knew nothing but the giant containment center she was kept in and the chains that bounded her. Until one day sick and tired of her treatment she went into a furious rage which destroyed the entire facility and allowed her to escape her captives. Now she roams the whole country in search of a place where she will not be harmed and able to call home. Energy System: She is usually calm but if provoked will go in to a furious rage. She has to eat large amounts of plants to regain energy. Ranged combat: A small spitball that only stuns and charging. Grappling: Can hook onto objects with her horns. Melee Combat: Uses her entire body to smash things as a cattle would usually do. Weaknesses: She a thick hide, but she's not radioactive. she has nearly no long range attacks. She needs to get close to preform melee. She can get tired fast.

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