Height 94 meters
Weight 49,000 metric tons
Gender Female
Title Guardian of The Kodai
Combat Style Melee
Primary Attacks Spiral Slash, Beak Dive
Secondary Attacks Tail Slam
Primary Weapon Guardian Jolt
Secondary Weapon Electrical Cloud
Energy Style Stamina
Creator Mike A. Roberge


Mogilos is an ancient spirit guardian, made up equally of fish and bird elements. She is equally at home underwater or in the air. Fast & adaptable, Mogilos was worshiped by many ancient peoples. Put to sleep by her followers thousands of years ago, So Mogilos Back Be Lizard That Get Male Form


Thousands of years ago, in the South East Pacific, two tribes were constantly at war. The San'khala were great stone masons – building cities & fortifications into the side of the mountains they lived in. The Vittoa were nomadic hunters who lived off the bounty of the sea. They owned only what they could carry, and moved with the changing tides.

Over the decades, the fighting between these two tribes became more fierce – their natural competition aggravated by their ideological differences. The San'khala prayed to their great bird diety to crush the Vittoa, while the Vittoa prayed to the deep fish gods to rise up and swallow the San'khala whole.

The greatest clash between these two forces was set to take place one early morning – both sides had lined up their warriors across an empty field. But into this field came a terrifying monster – with wet fishy scales, wings, and a feathered tail. Each tribe saw it as the true incarnation of their diety. But instead of stoking the flames of war, this creature showed them a different path – a path of cooperation. By working as seperate tribes, each had kept the other in check – unable to progress. But as a single unified tribe that embraced both ideals, they could become as great as this cerature before them, who they called Mo'gilos.

The next thousand years saw unrivaled advances as the two tribes unified into a new people called the Kodai. The Kodai swiftly became the most advanced humans on Earth – both philosophically and technologically. They even gained the power to see into the future. And so they foresaw the ice age that would end their way of life, and foresaw Mo'gilos going into a rampage at their passing. To spare this fate, the Kodai used their science to put Mo'gilos to sleep – keeping her in suspended animation while the Kodai faded & became a distant memory. The dismantled their machines & cities, so that no trace of them, save Mo'gilos, would survive the ice age.

Finally, at the appointed time, Mogilos has reawakened to the modern day. The Kodai saw that her message of unification would be needed once more in this era, and so they have sent her to us.

Energy SystemEdit

Mogilos regains energy slowly over time.

Ranged CombatEdit

Mogilos can fire a long-range pulse of electrical energy from her mouth called the Guardian Jolt – she tends to favor this attack while gliding over her opponents. Mogilos can also create electrical storm clouds, which swarm & fire lightning at nearby opponents.


Mogilos has average grappling capability – but in general she finds her speed is put to better use outside of arm's reach. When gaining a grapple advantage, Mogilos prefers to quickly put her opponent on the ground, opening them up for an acrobatic follow-up.

Melee CombatEdit

Mogilos has an acrobatic combat style – darting in and out of melee range to deliver solid blows while evading most of her opponent's reactions. Mogilos uses her gliding ability to stay in the air, dive-bomb down, or otherwise misdirect her opponent. Her thick slippery armor makes it difficult for opponents to land a solid blow while Mogilos is attempting evasion.


Mogilos has effective combat strategies at any range, but her beam lacks the power to trade blows with ranged specialists. Her melee combat is effective, but does not have the armor penetration that other melee specialists can wield. Mogilos must always play to her opponent's weaknesses, rather than controlling the flow of battle directly. This means that Mogilos cannot afford to be a lazy or overly aggressive fighter.

Animation GuidelinesEdit

  • Personality: Mogilos is a very regal kaiju - she carries herself with a very commanding presence. She does not make idle vocalizations - every sound is a deliberate one.
  • Combat Focus: Mogilos is a melee fighter, who uses high/low and zone mixups to avoid damage and get around other defenses. Mogilos is a very average fighter - without strong advantages or disadvantages, allowing her to fight in a variety of styles.
  • Special Considerations: Mogilos will need gliding tech, and her arm/wings will need to fit within a standard collision cylinder if at all possible.


External LinksEdit

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