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Height: 110 Meters Weight: 60,000 Tons Gender: Male Combat Style: Control Primary Attacks: Molten Cheese Fists Secondary Attacks: Bites, Stomping Primary Weapons: Mustard Beam Secondary Weapons: Relish Breath Energy Type: Fury

Overview: Mustardon, once a harmless sea snake, now a titan of destruction. He is a master of locking down opponents in combat, able to dish out loads of damage while preventing damage from reaching him. He uses psi beams to disable enemies, telekinesis to aid his ability to grapple, and mind reading to discover enemy weaknesses.

Origin: Several years ago, on a nuclear test site somewhere in the Unites States, various forms of prepared food were purposefully exposed to heavy doses of radiation. Somehow, an innocent sea snake managed to sneak into the facility and right into the line of fire. As the test began, the snake was inadvertently mutated with a nearby cheeseburger. The radiation amplified, mutating the snake further, eventually warping it into a half-snake half-burger hybrid. It gained the ability to read minds and control nearby inanimate objects with telekinesis. It mentally seized the melting cheese of the burger, forming a pair of arms and legs to move around with. When the radiation reached maximum capacity, the creature grew rapidly to kaiju size, destroying the facility and everyone in it. The mutant Mustardon now roams the planet in search of more things to demolish be it building or other monsters.

Energy System: Mustardon regains energy as long as he’s dishing out damage.

Range Combat: Unlike most beam attacks, the mustard beam is actually a psi blast, damaging enemies mentally. This usually causes a stun for a few seconds. Mustardon can also emit a collection of relish from his mouth, spilling out onto the battlefield and damaging enemies caught in it. However, it dissolves after a while.

Grappling: The malleable arms of Mustardon allow for many different forms of grapple, including knockdowns, overhead tosses, even impaling enemies with his toothpick.

Melee Combat: Mustardon’s quick-extending cheese arms make formidable offensive weapons, his bite force is tremendous and on occasion he will stomp enemies into submission.

Weaknesses: Mustardon has relatively low fortitude, and can thus be taken down quickly if at the proper distance. He is weak to toxic and electric damage types, but is strong against heat and nuclear damage types.