Height 120 meters
Weight 75,000 tons
Gender Female
Title Nature Guardian
Combat Style Magic and Melee
Primary Attacks BranchTendrills, Tree Legs,
Secondary Attacks Punching, Grappling
Primary Weapon Leaf Assault (Thousands of Magical Leaves swarm from her Mask when she places her hand before her head –think Zone fighter)
Secondary Weapon Bamboo/Tree Spear (she can place her roots into the ground and make spears she can use until she either throws it, loses it from a strong attack, or sustains enough damage while using it)
Energy Style Magic


Nahyra is a Nature Guardian who protects the forests, jungles, rivers, lakes, and all of Nature’s creation from evil and harm that may befall it. She has a great depth of compassion and love for all under her care. Normally she doesn’t take physical form, however, due to the rise of the Demon Idol Rhaman, she has had no choice but to fashion for herself a vessel designed for battle with the power of trees under her control.


That being said, her origins are enigmatic since they haven’t been told for so many eons. She is as old as the planet itself, caring for it and loving all creatures upon it, even people.

However, once Rhaman the Demon Idol manifested himself in a stone colossus by manipulating his worshipers, Nahyra has taken a more active role in guarding the Planet. She defeated him once ages ago and sealed him away for ages underground. Knowing that he would rise again, she slept in the deepest jungles alone until her help was needed again.

Energy System

Magical Spirit Energy that are imbued with the powers of nature elements.

Ranged Combat

She can summon her “Leaf Assault” by marking her forehead on her mask and opening a small portal that shoots a barrage of magical leaves that cut and burn her opponents.


Between her humanoid hands, tree legs, and branch tendrils, she has plenty to use to ensnare an enemy and get a few good hits in!

Melee Combat

She is mostly a power oriented physical fighter, using her massive tree legs and tendrils to lay on the hurt for Kaiju.


Due to her unusual appearance, her tree legs move a bit slowly, making her fairly vulnerable to faster Kaiju and attacks. Being formed into a tree-like entity, her body is more prone to damage than something with armor or a stronger hide, and can be cut easily.

Animation Guidelines

  • Personality:

She is calm, collected, and wise, so she is not one to do anything outrageous. She will focus on her opponent until the fight is over. She has a lot of determination and spirit, but will not foolishly charge forward into a trap or a counterattack easily. She is also very benevolent, so she will ally herself with good Kaiju and protect humans and smaller creatures alike unless they threaten to harm the Planet.

  • Combat Focus:

Power and Magic. She is slower, but she has powerful attack to make up for it, using her tendrils, tree-legs, and her magic to beat her opponents.

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