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Introducing, the multi-stage Kaiju.... Nautilon!

Image by Alysia Prosser (AKA Leashe on DA)

Stage 1 (Bottom Image)

The kaiju at it's youngest stage, appears as nothing more than a very Large Squid-Like creature. It crawls around slowly and is best suited for the water, but is still a threat to be reckoned with on land. It crawls on it's 8 arms, and uses its tentacles similar to how a scorpion uses its tail, poisoning and paralyzing its victems.

Stage 2 (Middle Image)

After growing exponentially in size, it begins to grow a hook-like shell. For now it is primarily used as a heavy form of armor.

Stage 3 (Top Image)

Eventually, Nautilon outgrows it's shell and sheds it to grow an entirely new one, a much larger and stronger shell. But he doesn't let the old shell go to waste... At this stage, Nautilon loses his stingers. His iron rich diet comes into play, and one of his tentacles sheds it's poison and instead accumulates copious amount of iron, over time, becoming extremely heavy and turning into a massive, hard, and heavy blunt force weapon. The other tentacle, however, retains it's poison sack, which becomes even more poisonous. In order to deliver the poison, Nautilon makes use of his old shell, slipping his tentacle into it, and turning it into a deadly weapon.


During the Titan's war against the Gods, Oceanus created Nautilon as one of his many children intended for battle. While most of the Titans and their creations were destroyed, Nautilon had been burried deep beneath the sea by the rubble falling from Mount Olympus during the battle. He remained dormant until now. The has been an increase in Seismic activity recently as a result of the recent surge in Kaiju battling across the globe. This seismic activity has awoken Nautilon and allowed him to finally unearth itself. Unfortunately, the beast is still dead set on battle, and isn't fond of being woken up.

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