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Height: 100 Meters

Weight:40,000 Tons

Gender: Male

Combat Style: Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing

Primary Attacks: Fists, Claw Arm

Secondary Attacks: Kicks, Headbutt

Primary Weapon: Piston-Powered-Punch

Secondary Weapon: Bolt Breaker

Energy Style: Stanima


Necromega is a great titan that runs on an A.I. or Artifical Intelligence. This A.I. was used to fend off invading Kaiju, but was reprogrammed to use the mixed martial art fighting style.


Necromega was created by the Klock Society, a large underground group that uses soundwaves as weapons. Necromega was a military weapon known as "Tango Delta" He was an experimental weapon that used an A.I. to fight Kaiju. But after being stolen by the Klock Society, Their top scientist, completed his A.I. Necromega's A.I. if fully functional, excluding the "small bugs" in his fighting capabilites. The Klock's engineers also added a gigantic Excavator arm named "DIG.R 2.0" to replace his broken right arm, and to cause more devastating blows. He was supposed to be the Klock's weapon of mass destruction, but they forgot one problem...The kaiju that inhabit Earth. Necromega was then re-entitled as their 'Kaiju Buster' to destroy all kaiju, then the society would continue with their plans of world domination. Energy System: Necromega ragains energy overtime. But if exposed to solar rays, His energy will recharge three times as fast! Ranged Combat: Necromega uses his large frequency emitter in the palm of his hand to his advantage. He can use this to push opponents to give him room to breathe, or to help him cause great damage with the supersonic frequency emitter in the center of his torso.


After completing a successful grapple, Necromega will use a Haymaker on his enemy, then use his supersonic frequency emitter on his chest to surely send his opponent flying!

Melee CombatEdit

As I said before, Necomega uses mixed martial arts as his prefered style of fighting. Mixed Martial Arts consist of strikes and grapples. But Necromega is also trained in the style of boxing, using powerful blows to show his enemies he means business!


Necromega was still a prototype in the military, and is still in his experimental stage. Along with that, the bugs in his fighting capabilites cause him to react slower than usual. He is also weak to water and electricity based attacks. Sound: I imagined the soundwaves sounding like the Gravity Gun in Half life 2. Skip to 0:38 to get an idea of the soundwave. It ends at 0:49

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