Category VI
Height 65 meters
Weight 70,000 tons
Gender Male
Title Kaiju Necromancer
Combat Style Swordsman & Brutality
Primary Attacks Sword & claws
Secondary Attacks Jaws & tail
Primary Weapon Afterlife Blaster
Secondary Weapon Corruption
Energy Style Death

Height: 65 meters

Wingspan: 160 meters

Mass: 70,000 tons

Gender: Male


Necrotherium, or "dead beast", is the Grim Reaper of all kaiju. He has 15 total eyes, 14 represent the seven deadly sins, two for each: Pride- Violet, Envy- Green, Gluttony- Orange, Lust- Blue, Anger- Red, Greed- Yellow, Sloth- Light Blue

But on the forehead is a 15th BLACK eye... death.

This kaiju has the ability of a Necromancer; he can summon the dead and can command an undead army. He cannot only turn other monsters into zombies, he can also kill certain creatures with one simple touch. Necrotherium wields a sword on his right hand, which can shatter bones of even other kaiju. But his deadliest weapon is the Afterlife Blaster. It comes as two different beams: one is released from the mouth, and another, more powerful version is released from the chest.

Has Earth finally met its apocalypse?

Combat StyleEdit

Necrotherium slashes with the claws on his left hand, and he uses his right-hand sword in a similar way to a scimitar, to slice and dice. He also has powerful vice-like jaws with razor-sharp teeth. Necrotherium also sports a barbed tail. In general, he fights in a similar way to a swordsman and wrestler.


Necrotherium gains his power from pain and death inflicted on his opponent during a fight. If his gems are damaged, he will be unable to absorb more power.


Necrotherium is an alien that comes from an alternate universe where everything is dead. One day, a portal opened, and he escaped. He now travels from planet to planet, sapping each and every one of all life to the point where it is dead and can never recover. This may also explain why Earth is one of the few life-bearing planets left in the galaxy.


Absorbs pain and death as he inflicts it on an opponent; able to raise the dead to do his bidding; controls the seven sins with each colored eye; black eye controls death; bone sword on right hand; able to levitate for a limited time; fires Afterlife Blaster from mouth; unleashes the Beam of Death from chest gem.