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Height: 90 meters

Weight: 30,000 metric tons

Gender: Male

Combat Style: Melee, Rage

Primary Attacks: Claws, Sonic Blasts,

Secondary Attacks: Stinger, Wings

Primary Weapon: Earpierce

Secondary Weapon: Stinger Acid

Energy Style: Fury

Overview: Obistrum is a gladiator meant to entertain the Greek gods. He relies on quick and brutal flurries to overwhelm his opponent. He looks like a colossal bat with a scorpions stinger. His nose is unusually large, and his wings are covered in thin fur. Occasionally, the hood over his eyes will unlatch, causing Obistrum to panic. During this time, Energy regeneration stops completely, attacks that use energy will be more powerful, attacks will come quicker but Obistrum will be incapable of an organised assault.

Story: The fall of Greece. Many lives died, many families lost. The Greek gods were saddened to see this happen, as it meant they would no longer be entertained by Greece and their struggles. An initiative came up to get different events organised for entertainment. This included Pin the Head on the Hydra, Minotaur Poker, and Drunken Diety Movie Night. None of these worked, however. Then someone came up with something.

The Colossal Arena! Different monsters and their riders would come from across the heavens to compete in this heavenly sport. And it was a hit. Never had they seen such entertainment.

Fast forward a couple hundred years, and kaiju are overwhelming the globe. The Greek gods, seeing an opportunity, sent their finest fighter to Earth in the finest tournament the world will ever see.

Energy System: When his eyes are covered, Obistrum will regain energy normally. However, when his eyes are uncovered, energy regeneration will stop completely. Attacks that use energy, however, will have double the damage.

Ranged Combat: Obistrum struggles at ranged combat. He can let loose an ear-piercing scream that does little damage but knocks down opponents. He can also shoot acid from his stinger for a mid ranged attack.

Grappling: Obistrum is average at grappling.

Melee Combat: This is where Obistrum SHINES. Huge sweeping combos from Obistrums long arms dominate while the stinger goes in and out stinging the opponent. When his eyes are uncovered he specializes in fast blows without any combos.

Weaknesses: Obistrum is below average at range combat. While he can stun opponents at a range with Earpierce, he has to scramble to get close enough to attack. Earpierce also take some time to charge up, letting his opponent have some time to get him with a range attack.

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