obsidious is a fan made kaiju created by forum user ☀spyro1101. form what the origin says he is a tough kaiju and is the official nemesis of another fan made kaiju called parasites Edit

height: 120 meters tall Edit

weight: 20,000 tons

gender: male

primary attacks: fire balls,tail

secondary attacks: claws,snapping jaws

primary weapon: fire blasts

secondary weapon: plasma claws

Obsidious redesign colored

energy style: elemental affinity and fury

overview: a prehistoric lizard buried deep under ground, obsidious is one of the many defenders of earth. he fight off other evil kaiju that threaten the earth. he uses his fire abilities to roast his enemies until they are nothing but ash and dust. his plasma claws are able to torch his victims and send them off forcing them to retreat from battle.

origin: awoken form his million year sleep by the threatening attacks of aquagon flyer beast and his arch nemesis parasites he awoke form his million year sleep to correct the balance of earth. he attacked all of the prehistoric beasts killing them one by one eventually running into the ancient dragon stark and battling him thinking he was one of the monsters attacking the earth. parasites arrived and attacked both of them. obsidious shot fire balls at the parasitic monster doing a good amount of damage. stark shoots a red sprial ray at parasites. parasites seeing that stark possessed such an ability attacks him and kills him. he then set his sights on obsidious and the two began to battle it out. obsidious haven grown tired of this long fight grabs parasites jaws and breaks them and then crushes his skull,killing parasites. obsidious returned to his chamber to sleep another million years but he instead thought that the earths waters where a subtitle home for him so he decided to stay in the ocean to keep in check of earth citizens if anything else was going awry.

energy system: obsidious gets his energy from the earth sun magma and water.

ranged combat: his ranged combat consists of him spitting fire balls and creating fire shockwaves.

grappling: obsidious is able to grab mountains chuck them at enemies. melee combat: like the scorpeleon he is an excellent melee fighter he uses his teeth and claws in close range combat. weakness: anything that can put out his magma energy (excluding water)

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