Name: Odin

Species: Titan

Age: 100,050

Height: 85 m, 92 m (top of horns)

Weight: 32,000 tons


A three horned giant who have protected earth since ancient time.


Odin was once the leader of a warrior species which have helped many other different species who have lost their homes due to attacks from enemies on their planet. He also have adopted a young reptilian alien who lives by the name of Spike. He actually found spike's egg by accident on earth which was still in the cretaceous period, but the egg was slow to hatch, it did not hatch until 7991 B.C. By the time his son was an adult, his planet suffered the same fate as the others. He managed to escape the attack with only 25% of his species along with his son. He soon landed on earth with his fellow survivors and his son. They lived on earth as long as they could. Until his other frirends recieved message from the other survivors who have founded another planet that is suitable for them. He then went to liveon their new home and lived there peacefully... Until now.

The years have passed since his last two visits on earth, he began missing the beautiful surroundings in earth. He returns to earth and lives there only when he needs it, he also helps his son protect the earth.


  • His species often send messages during natural phenomenon such as auroras and eclipses.

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