Name: Oontrakk Height: 80 meters Weight: 51,000 metric tons Gender: Male Combat Style: Melee Primary Attacks: Punches, Kicks Secondary Attacks: Body Slam Primary Weapon: Antenna Laser Secondary Weapon: Blinding Lights Energy Style: Stamina

Overview: Oontrakk is a robot whose body resembles a building, and gains arms and legs when entering combat mode.

Origin: In order to deal with the kaiju problem, the scientists of Neutronic Robotics created Project: O.O.N.T.R.A.K.K. (Online Operational Neutro-building To Attack Killer Kaiju) After 3 years work, they nearly finished their fighting machine: What seems to be an ordinary building is actually a robot designed to sneak attack a rampaging kaiju. Outfitted with artificial intelligence and built with a hatred of giant monsters, the scientists hoped the project would destroy all kaiju. One day, however, the A.I. got information of a local building being destroyed by a demolition crew. Suddenly having the need for self-preservation, O.O.N.T.R.A.K.K. activated combat mode and turned on his human creators. Now, on its own, it fights against mankind and kaiju alike.

Energy System: Oontrakk regains energy over time.

Ranged Combat: Oontrakk has a built-in laser antenna on top of his head. Although not very damaging to most kaiju, it can go a couple hundred yards before it gives out. Oontrakk can also turn on all the ultra-hot lights from his false windows in order to blind other monsters. If the monster can't be blinded, then the heat should do the trick.

Grappling: Due to his build, Oontrakk is not the best grappler. He normally uses it to ensure his weapon hits.

Melee Combat: Oontrakk uses awkward, but effective, punches and kicks. With his arms and legs made with Neutronic's strong Neutro-Metal, Oontrakk is very effective in close combat. He can also slam his body at an opponent, which does good damage but takes recoil damage from it.

Weaknesses: Oontrakk has below average defense compared to most mechanical giants, due to Neutronic Robotics using a lesser metal for the body. In addition, his Blinding Lights have short range.

Personality: Originally emotionless, Oontrakk became very afraid, then angry at the world, feeling betrayed by his human creators. He feels sadness for his fallen buildings, including those he destroyed himself, and hopes to rid the world of the human menace and build a paradise for other structures. He also hates kaiju, knowing their tendency to destroy buildings such as himself.

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