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Overview: Overius is a giant, six-limbed Oviraptor, grown through forceful evolution.

Story: When the meteor wiped out the dinosaurs, a smaller variant began to emerge, thus saving the species from utter extinction. But alas, it had to evolve. And its natural evolution line was a bird.

In modern day Mongolia, a paleontologist is taking a trip to a jungle when he discovers a bird that looks and acts remarkably close to an Oviraptor. Quickly he takes the specimen and flies back to his lab, hoping to bring back an Oviraptor. But he flipped several of the wrong genomes, and a very large explosion occurred. And from the wreckage, Overius was born!

Energy System: Overius has a large energy deposit, so she hardly loses any energy. But unfortunetly, regaining energy means stealing energy from her opponents.

Ranged Combat: Overius is an adept ranged combatant. Due to her large energy deposit, she can unleash ranged damage like there's no tomorrow. She can also steal the limited ammo supply from mechas, and turns them into volatile egg grenades. But if she isn't facing a mecha, she can convert some of her energy into eggs to throw. And when she's hovering in place, she can lob grenades in midair, giving her another range advantage.

Grappling: While Overius is a strong grappler, it is strategically unsuitable to try to get in close with the opponent. But if worse comes to worse, she can grapple, throw her opponent, and spit an egg when the opponent lands.

Melee Combat: Overius is a decent melee combatant, but her low defense makes it unwise to do this. When in close quarters, she really wants to throw her opponent, but if she has to fight, her combo breakers can make sure the opponent doesn't have time to get a good hit on her. But this is not her strongpoint.

Weaknesses: Overius is fast, but some good melee hits on her can put her in a predicament. This means that she hopes the other opponent isn't as fast as her.