parasitis is a fan made kaiju made by forum user spyro1101. he is a mutant bug that drank radiation and mutated into a giant mutant bug.

height: 120 meters weight: 10,000 ton gender: male combat style: ranged,melee combat,and control primary attacks: acid spitting secondary attacks: bone crushing jaws primary weapons: acid bombs secondary weapons: acid saliva energy style: anger overview: a giant mutated bug form prehistoric times, parasitis is a force to be reckoned with. he can move at high speeds. some say he is the devil reincarnated. using his acid spit he can penetrate a monsters hide, making that monster vulnerable to other attacks. with a bite force more powerful then a t-rex he crush a monsters bones in seconds.

origin: brought back from prehistory parasitis and his mutated allies aquagon and flyer beast attacked the facility they were in and invaded the rest of the world though their actions awoke obsidious who quickly took out aquagon and flyer beast.

☀he soon ran into obsidious and the two giant kaijus battled it out until parasitis gained the upper hand and took obsidious down to the ground and proceeded to claw at him. stark soon joined in and parasitis was quickly over powered by their combined strength. he was soon cornered and when he was about to run off the t-rex from earlier comes and snaps his neck killing parasitis. he was later recovered and rebuilt into a cyborg and renamed cyber parasitis. he engages quazasaurus in battle but obsidious soon interferes and roars at them. obsidious' roar trigger cyber parasitis to remember what happened a year ago and he violently attacks obsidious and quazasaurus. he his eventually killed when obsidious shoots fire at him causing him to explode killing him and quazasaurus in the process. but he was soon reborn and now he seeks vengeance against obsidious for killing him twice.

energy system: parasitis energy system consists of a invisible radiation barrier around him to power up his attacks and boost his speed

ranged combat: parasitis is excellent at ranged combat. it consists of his acid spitting and his acid bombs.

grappling: he can grab an enemy monster and throw them very far. melee combat: not very skilled at melee combat his punches don't very good damage but his kicks and jaw bites do alot. weakness: bug repellent......nah just kidding his weakness is fire,ice,and electricity.

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