BZ parathos
Parathos Lucy

Name: Parathos (demonic name), Maya (human name) Height:95 metres Weight: 84,000 tons Gender: Female Combat style: Ranged Primary attacks: Necromantic claws Secondary attacks: Hellish kick Primary weapon: Possessed heat beam Secondary weapon: Underworld's grasp Energy style: Fury

Overview: Parathos/Maya is the daughter of Asmoladan,the demon of wrath. She is a half-demon as her mother was a human, so she can switch into her demonic form for combat and her human form as a disguise. When in combat, she wears her self-crafted armour made of a rare hell alloy. In her human form, she looks like an average 15 year old girl with dark brown hair and reddish eyes. Her job is to hunt every living being so her father can claim their souls.

Origin: In 2136, the demon Asmoladan had a child with a human. She was called Parathos in demonic and Maya in English.She takes souls from living beings by killing them and sends their souls to Asmoladan so he can increase his power. In return, Parathos/Maya gains a little bit of power as well. Technology has evolved in Underworld, so Parathos/Maya has crafted her personally designed hunting armour and heat vision visor to protect herself against dangerous creatures. Because of a rare genetic mutation, when Parathos/Maya transforms into her demonic form, she drastically increases in size. Coincidentally, numerous enormous creatures are roaming the earth. Kaiju souls are much more powerful than regular souls thought Asmalodan. He then asked Parathos to kill only kaiju because of their powerful souls.Parathos would do anything to make her father proud.

Melee combat: Parathos/Maya uses her demonic claws and kicks to deal damage when up close. Her claws have a slight burning effect against flesh.

Ranged combat: Parathos/Maya is at her deadliest when at a distance as she has access to her most damaging attacks. Her Possessed heat beam melts through most armour and burns enemies. Underworld's grasp is when Parathos/Maya summons the creature of the pit to grab opponents with its hellish tentacles and drag them into hell. After a few seconds of burning, the opponents is launch from the ground back to earth in a random location.

Grappling: Parathos/Maya is adept at grappling. One of her throws involves her stabbing her opponent with her burning claws, throwing them into the air, flying above them and crushing them under her weight.

Energy style: She gains energy by attacking opponents with melee attacks, but she gains twice as much by killing them.

Movement: Parathos/Maya has the ability to fly as she has wings. She attacks with much aggression and shouts her battle cry to threaten enemies. She blocks attacks with her wings.

Weaknesses: She isn't all that strong in the arms so grappling heavy opponents is usually a struggle for Parathos/Maya. When she is in her 80% power form, She takes damage slowly. Stats: Ferocity: 5 Agility: 4 Power: 6 Defence: 5 Strength: 4 Weight: 5