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Gender: Transgender (one of the disproved theories of Protista) Height: 0.00000000001mm-100,000 meters. In game he can morph from 30ft for extra small and 800ft for a wave attack but base height is 103 meters. Weight:Varies Combat Style: Ranged Primary Weapons: Infectious skin, elemental orbs Secondary Weapons:Wringz Primary Attacks:Wave, shrink, infectious spit, elemental orb bash, orbsplosion, shrink, blast Secondary Attacks:None Energy System Manually charges it but it weakens the orb attacks. Pargzloy also has pathetic Melee attacks.


All living things on earth came from the same creature. There was a a lonesome being which was a protist. And then it split into two beings. One looked identical to the original, the other was strobing with lights. The two split into beings over and over. As the creatures evolved they split into every living thing in existence. The strobing protist turned into ones with poisons and other elements and everything strange especially Kaiju, the other protist evolved into everything else. So when the original elemental protist eventually grew into a giant blobby protist, the entire world saw this and half the scientific theories, especially Protista theories and evolution were disproven. It had giant protons surrounding it each in a different color and representing another element. Grappling: Swallows opponent, they're visible through the semi transparent/translucent skin as a silhouette. The opponent is then spit out into the sky and falls face down.

Melee CombatEdit

Swishes its body around to form blobs that shoot at opponent doing no damage but makes them go farther on the playing field. She/he can make his/her skin toxic so the blobby parts do minimal damage but it takes half of his/her energy bar and only lasts for a short time. Pargzloy can turn into a giant wave and push the opponent back very far and does some damage. Ranged Combat: Shoots the "wringz" from his body at the opponent which does no damage but temporarily paralyzes them. His elemental orbs have every single element and do average damage but when they shoot out the orbs are quite slow. They can explode near the opponent but that takes up a lot of energy. Pargzloy does a pathetic elemental spit which has a short range, slow, and does average damage. To get quicker to run away in order to get away from Melee attacks he shrinks down to thirty feet temporarily, which is tough to see but visible and runs away very fast. There it can get away from the opponent and continue damaging with long ranged attacks. All of the attacks that Pargzloy have have all the energy damage types.


A huge explosion that is separated into different sections each with a different energy damage type. Tough to avoid.


Manually charges it but it weakens the orb attacks. Pargzloy also has pathetic Melee attacks.

Damage TypesEdit