Predatorius Rex
Height 43 meters
Weight 51,000 tons
Gender Male
Title Extraterrestrial Defender
Combat Style Teeth, Tail, Agility
Primary Attacks Tail Slap
Secondary Attacks Powered Tail Slap
Primary Weapon Meteor Blast
Secondary Weapon Nuclectric Shockwave
Energy Style Radiation, Electricity
Creator MosuFan2004

P-rex is an extraterrestrial kaiju created by MosuFan2004. He is a very agile kaiju and has strong melee attacks and really powerful special attacks, though his most powerful attack drains around 36% energy from his body.

Origins Edit


Energy System Edit

P-rex absorbs radiation, and needs it to use his special attacks. When P-rex runs out of radiation, he becomes tired and can't use his special attacks. P-rex uses electricity as an alternative energy system, so when he runs out of radiation will replace it with electricity until he finds radiation, but he still wouldn't be able to use his special attacks, but his physical attacks become stronger.

Ranged Combat Edit

For ranged combat, P-rex uses his Meteor Blast, a yellow, radioactive fire going at the speed of a meteor about to collapse, when it hits a kaiju, there's a chance for the kaiju to get knocked out.

Grappling Edit

P-rex is more agile than average kaiju and can even do backflips. When getting grabbed, he keeps bitting with his sharp teeth and hitting with his spikes on legs, tail, neck and head until he gets free. Since P-rex is always on all four, he can not grab enemies, but can use his tail to grab a part of his enemy's body, like an arm or a leg.

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