Height 90 meters
Weight 30,000 metric tons
Gender Male
Title The Raging Fire Demon
Combat Style Ranged
Primary Attacks Flaming Punches
Secondary Attacks Flaming Kicks
Primary Weapon Fiery Gaze
Secondary Weapon Fire Pillars, Fire Bombs
Energy Style Elemental Affinity (Fire)
Creator G&G-Fan


Pyro is a fire demon who was banished to an astral dimension, then returned to Earth seeking vengeance.


Pyro was once an extremely powerful fire demon, who wished to see the world burn to ashes. Many guardian kaiju had allied against him, only for many to be killed. The most powerful guardians decided to combine their magical powers and banish Pyro to an astral dimension, making him unable to harm anyone or anything. Thousands of years later, Pyro was brought back to Earth by a cult, who believed that the world was corrupt beyond saving and deserved to burn. The cult was able to free Pyro by using a spell that pulled him out of the astral dimension, and once he was freed, Pyro started burning everything in his path.

Energy SystemEdit

Pyro regains energy by absorbing the fires that are created by the destruction of objects around him. Fire based attacks also boosts his energy.

Ranged CombatEdit

Pyro is very good at range when it comes to weapon attacks. His primary ranged attack are twin streams of fire that he shoots out of his eyes. He can also throw fire bombs, which explode, and make towers of flames appear.


Pyro has flame arms, so whenever he grapples, the enemy gets damaged. However, his lightweight body makes it easy for opponents to lift him, but due to his flaming body, his enemies receive damage when they grab him.

Melee CombatEdit

Pyro is good at melee combat, and whenever he punches or kicks, it burns the enemy.


Pyro is a fire monster, so his weakness is water, and he is weakened by water attacks. He also has no resistance to magical attacks, and as such can easily be returned to the astral dimension with the right spell. Since he relies on fire to restore his energy, opponents can take advantage of this, taking away his source of power. He also has a slight vulnerability to earth based attacks.

External LinksEdit

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