Radilash was found by a pair of Men In Black when he was just a hatchling, and was very malleable, and was given special gene injections from Scunner, Slattern, and Knifehead giving it an extremely radioactive (its radioactivity can be powered off at will) durable armor only vulnerable to lead-based weapons, along with thick, strong arms that are actually 3 tentacles wrapped around eachother. Radilash has a horrifying, horn-covered face made for destroying mountains, but is actually peaceful, commonly seen shrinking to the size of a horse for days on end, giving young children rides on its back. It will protect humans in a special pouch filled with special fruits, veggies, and meats, along with a special refreshing fluid chock-ful of nutrients but, suprisingly tastes like chocolate milk. It hates to fight, and can even speak fluent english!

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