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Height: 124 meters Weight: 534,462 metric tons Gender: Male Combat Style: Melee Primary Attacks: Punch, Kick, Claws, Tailswipe Secondary Attacks: Headbutt, Bodyslam Primary Weapon: Explosive Punch Secondary Weapon: Monstrous Roar, Electrically charged spikes on tail. Energy Style: Fury

Overview: Rage is a vicious beast with a motive of mass destruction, he is a ruthless living weapon made for turning the tables for warfare, using his deadly explosive punches and tenacious attitude to dominate the battlefield. Origin: Rage was an experiment created for the act of war, made in Woover Labs Inc. The scientists leading the group gave him very harsh and cruel tests, going up against creatures many times his own size at the time. He was tested on for two years after his creation, where after two years he grew a tad more intelligent to at least feel emotion and have his own free will. His growth in intellect has caused him to realize the horrors of what he's doing, which was the lead scientists' doing. Causing him to erupt in a violent rampage, destroying the entire lab. Nobody survived, not even the scientists that went more easy and slow with his developmental testing, or even the innocent scientists and test subjects. He now nomadically hunts, yearning for more lives to take to satisfy his hunger for blood and flesh. Energy System: As Rage throws more attacks and combos, he gains energy and the slime becomes more potent. When the energy is at full potential, Rage could ensure a high chance of an explosion being added to the damage given by his punches. Ranged Combat: Rage's roar attack takes up a bit of energy, due to it being a 1 second long attack, being basically like an explosion going forward from Rage Grappling: Rage's claws, folded in his pounders (The part of his whole forearm covered with the slime) would unfold and hook onto the other Kaiju and use the Kaiju's weight against it. Melee Combat: He would use his explosive slime punches and builds up with strength to a maximum damage add-on of 5+ in combat, to try and pummel the other Kaiju, if necessary, use his tail, kicks, and head to help. Rage's electrically charged tail is used very rarely as well.

Weaknesses: Rage's explosive punches only come at all until the first half of his energy is depleted, where as the roar stays the same throughout. Just getting weaker the lower the energy is. Rage's electric tailspike only appears usually when his energy is at full.

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