Height 90 Meters
Weight 30,000 metric tons
Gender Female
Combat Style Melee
Primary Attacks
Secondary Attacks Faisceau, Siphon de Vie
Primary Weapon Adaptable “Hand”, “Blade”, and “Siphon”.
Secondary Weapon Face-Mounted Laser, Shoulder-Cannons
Energy Style Energy Style: Siphon
Resouche is an up-for-sponsorship creature created by Kaiju Combat Forum user Wolfenmaus.


Resouche is a large, Ghost like machine possessed by the soul of a mother searching for her daughter. She is fast and agile, with a deficiency in defense, and she has hands that can take three different forms.


In 1949, the French Government was still reeling from the devastating losses procured during WWII. Because of this, they began work on Project Ultime Défense. It was meant to be the perfect defense system of the country, but was unfortunately discontinued, after it proved unable to hold a power source.

Cut to the year 1980. Danielle Wills, a tourist visiting France, loses sight of her young daughter as they explore a deserted military base. As they ventured into the deep, a scream rang out. Danielle rushed, only to find her daughter being taken away by strange men dressed in black. Despite her efforts, she is killed and put into the deepest part of the base.

Yet she awoke. She regained consciousness as the large mechanized weapon, and immediately broke out of the base, and began her long search for her young…


Resouche is tall, slender, with a chest plate and helm similar to that of ancient knights of yore. Her arms and lower body, however, appear to be a dark, velvet gown, supported from within by jet thrusters. Her hands are more like tentacles, and can take three distinctive shapes. One is a hand of sorts, the next a hardened blade, and the third a siphon.

Energy SystemEdit

Resouche slowly regains energy over time, but can regain it faster using her Siphon, which takes an opponent’s energy.

Ranged CombatEdit

Resouche has two options for ranged attacking: rockets propelled from her shoulder pads, and an energy burning Tri-Beam fired from her three mouth slits.


Resouche is an excellent grappler, able to coil her hands tightly around her opponent. Also, she is only able to siphon in a grapple state.

Melee CombatEdit

She is fast, with swift punches and slashes, able to alternate between the two instantaneously. However, she suffers from frailty, and flies far when hit.


Her aforementioned weak durability is her main weakness, along with her slow energy gain.

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