Height:91 meters (300 ft converted)

Weight: 55,000 tons

Gender: Male

Combat Style: Primarily Ranged

Primary Attacks: Fires Rocks from back, Fire Breath, and lightning from his head horns

Secondary Attacks: wrists spikes jolt enemies with lightning

Primary Weapons: Back, Fire Breath, Lightning

Secondary Weapons: Horns

Energy System: Stamina eat's people after a battle


A gentle giant seeking to restore peace to the world.


Rockor lived during the time of the dinosaurs. However, he stood above them. He had the head of a T-rex, and smoke as the rest of his body. Despite being godlike, he was a gentle giant. He escaped extinciton by hiding deep underground in a cave on his remote island. Rockor would hibernate in there until the early 21st century. However, When Rockor awoke, he was caught in the middle of bomb testing by the French. They entered the cave, yet were able to avoid Rockor. When the bomb went off, Rockor was caught amidst the blast. Instead of dying, Rockor gained new abilities, and grew to Kaiju size. He lost his smoke body and gained a dinosaur one after the incident.Rockor could not believe what happened to him, but he didn't let this change him. He still fought for peace. Soon after, Rockor learned that he could regain his smoke form by chanting "rata tara".




Rocks from back, lightning, fire breath


He can grapple with his arms.


Attacks with his horn.


Holds back in fights. He is too gentle. his kind spirit get to him sometimes

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