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Height:30 meters, 15 meters(on all fours) Weight:7,000 metric tons Gender:Male Combat Style:Control Primary Attacks:Claws, Feet Secondary Attacks:Teeth, Tail Primary Weapon:Missile Barrager Secondary Weapon:Combustion kick Energy Style:Adrenalin

Overview: Saimasa is a gigantic cyborg mouse made by the Combined Governments of the World for the purpose of defending the world from Kaiju. He can walk on two legs or on all four. He lacks fear and is willing to defend people no matter what.

Origin: In 2004 the world began to realize that kaiju were becoming a large threat to the world so the people of Earth came to a peace as the main focus was now to stop the danger. The worlds cooperation lead to experimentation on animals. They experimented on lab mice with radiation until they came to a halt when a mouse became giant and attacked them out of rage. A few helicopters came and took down the giant rodent. They figured that they wouldn't get these result in another 8 years. They replaced his hideous mutated skin with metal and a layer of gray fur. They made the creature think more like a human with a chip in his brain. When they sent the kaiju out during a kaiju attack it showed off what it can do. It destroyed the kaiju with ease and proved its worth.

Energy System: When fighting he slowly gains energy faster the mores he hit or the less health he has from his opponent but when his health becomes higher and he stops getting hit or dealing hits his energy starts to gain more slowly.

Ranged Combat: He has dangerous ranged attacks that come in the form of a barrage of missiles but since his hands must transform into his rocket launchers so its a bit delayed but his Combustion Kick allows you to get close in for melee combat and possibly do some damage to the enemy.

Grappling: Saimasa has a good grappling strength and the ability to burn enemys with his feet (since he grapples with his feet)while grappling so that slimy enemies have a harder time escaping.

Melee Combat: Saimasa uses his speed advantage over most kaiju to be able to deal combos and fast blows.

Weakness: While having good grappling, melee, and ranged skills he must constantly stay in control since his low health and defense can make him an easy opponent to beat, so without total control hes broke.

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