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Name: Sciopius

Overview: Sciopius is a scorpion infected with a mutant strain of Odioyceps, a fungus. As a result, it has grown giant and became dangerous. Orgin: In the amazon rainforest, In brazil. A strain of Ophiocordycep has infected a breed of scorpions. nearly all the scorpions infected die. One survives. During the infection of this scorpion, the strain of fungus has mutated.It doesn't kill the scorpion, it begins a symbotic relationship with the scorpion. The fungus mutates even further and becomes poisoned by a toxic made by an logging company to kill trees. The scorpion grows larger and the fungus begins infecting the scorpion even further. Eventually, the experimental toxic makes the scorpion grow Large and it has become Sciopius, the fungi insect terror. Chain Basic: Pincher Bash Towards: Tail Bash Up: Pincher Uppercut Away: Backwards Tail Slap Down: Tail Sweep Quick Basic: Pincher Squeeze Towards: Tail Smack Up: Tail Undercut Away: Backwards Tail Sweep Down: Pitcher Sweep Fierce Basic: Pitcher Punch Towards: Headbutt Up: Tail Uppercut Away: Backward Scuttle Down: Downward Tail Sting Fierce: Basic: Spore Pitcher Squeeze Towards: Spore Sting Up: Spore Pitcher Uppercut Away: Spore Backwards Sting Down: Spore Pinch

Power Attacks

Basic: Nuclear Slash Towards: Fungi stinger bash Up: Neutron Tail Uppercut Away: Backwards Doomsday Scuttle Down: Atomic Tail Sweep

Energy: Parasitism. Ranged Combat: 1: Decomposer Beam. It is a beam like weapon, composed of damaging fungi and ranged toxics, is of medium strength 2: Spore Burst, A liquid spore burst that is thrown either straight or in a arc Grappling: 1: Spore Transfer, Sciopius holds down the enemy and stings them, transfering spores. 2: Spore Grasp, Sciopius grasps the enemy and transfers spores through it's claws Melee Combat: Sciopius attacks with it's pinchers, head, and stinger. Primary Attack: Pincher, Stinger Secondary Attack: Head Primary Weapon: Decomposer beam beam damage at 100 energy. Secondary Weapon: Spore Burst Gives a nuclear status effect. Weaknesses: Fire burns his spores and damages him. Beam using kajiu could knock him backwards. Fast kajiu can easily maneuver around him. And He can't grapple easily from the front. So, it's a major weakness. Rage Attack: Spore Eruption, Unleashes an eruption of spores that damage foes, knock them down, and regain health and energy. Colors: Main: Putrid green Body, Rot colored Spores. Alternate: Rot colored body, Putrid Green Spores. Etc: Sciopius has a spore emition from it's body that damages monster if they get too close or grab it for too long. It damages health, and energy, and gives it back to Sciopius. Sciopius has this already put into effect for him. It does make him more flammable. It gives a nuclear status effect. Stats: Ferocity-7 Agility-3 Power-5 Fortitude-7 Gender: Male

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