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BIO: Height: 90 meters (Generally) Weight: Unknown Gender: Unknown Combat Style: Energy Melee (Would be the technical call for it i guess?) Primary Attacks: Flame Whip, Fire Bomb Primary Weapon: Flame Spark Secondary Weapon: Shadow Tornado Energy Style: Fury

Overview: Sendra is a Shadow Will-o'-the-Wisp that enjoys causing death to those by burning entire planets to it's destruction. He serves under Kardon in order to destroy worlds for entertainment.

Origin: Sendra is a reignited flame of a Sun that exploded in the Metronix Galaxy.

Melee Combat: While Sendra is a Will-O'-the-Wisp, his abilities are technically not physical, as he has no physical form, because he's a body of Fire. He cannot be affected by most Physical contact.

Energy System: Sendra's arsenal consists of using himself as his own body. Meaning every attack he uses requires energy. His energy depletes slightly for every second he is in battle. He can regain energy by standing in sunlit areas. If Sendra is depleted of Energy, he will go out, and instantly die. Though, in Fury, he regains full energy and does not deplete energy for a short time.

Ranged Combat: Sendra can do a various amount of ranged attacks, namely he can shoot fire at his opponents in a number of ways; He can slash with his hand like a Sword of Fire, he can shoot fire from his arms, and he can spit fire Bombs from his mouth or Arms.

Grappling: Sendra cannot be grappled, nor can grapple opponents.

Weaknesses: All of Sendra's attacks consume energy, and he cannot grapple any other monster up. He is also extremely weak to Water Elements (500% or so). Sendra also cannot execute Physical attacks. Sendra's ultimate flaw is his energy depletes very slowly every second he is in battle, and when he has no energy left, he goes out, and dies.

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