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Shadow Beast Zilla
Shadow Beast Zilla 3

Shadow Beast

Height: 100 or 150 meters

Weight: 30,000 Metric Tons

Gender: Male

Combat Style: Claws(4 Arms)

Primary Attacks: Tail sword

Secondary Attacks: Bites, Fly, Dig, Swim

Primary Weapon: Cyber weapons (Transformers Movies) and Predator Weapons

Secondary Weapon: Atomic Laser breath (Green Color) and Spite acid

Energy Style: Azure Grimoire (Blazblue) and turn invisible


Dark Nightmare Hero's Shadow he's from the would of shadows


Shadow Beast Zilla(SBZ) live a would of Shadows wheres there no Day only night Night and Darkness...

There is 2 Kings one is the King of Heroes of Shadows that is SBZ and one is the King of the Villains of Shadow name is Berserker Shadow King Beast and they where enemies.

the 2 King Fight until there could be only one ruler of the Shadow Would SBZ wants to make The would to live in peacefully and happy but Berserker Shadow King Beast want to make it dark and evil forever.

in the Year 2184-2200 a HumanBot Kid Bruno Lin Created SBZ When he was on a mission called AVP He was made of anger and hatred given the the power of the azure and will use the power to help the humans, beastkin, Dinos, Jaeger, monster, robots and Kaiju and to stop Uno who is the one who created Berserker Shadow King Beast and they will have the from of the great great ancestors....

Energy SystemEdit

Shadow Beast Zilla his energy is from the Azure Grimoire, power of Darkness, xenomorph, and yautja(predator).he use This power to hunt enemies of Pray or Stronger enemies. He can only eat or kill evil Kaiju.

Ranged CombatEdit

In Ranged Combat Shadow Beast Zilla can fight fast but if he really want to go faster he only do in night time or his would. he has a little head on his mouth and he can spite Acid on the enemies. he can hide by turn Invisible he can use it to heal or attack it enemies. Shadow Beast Zilla has 4 Dragon Like Wings(color Green) to air attack or carry it's enemies and drop it to the ground.


Shadow Beast Zilla carry he's enemies to the Air and drop it the ground.when he holding he's Enemies he can also use he's weapons by shooting he's Enemies.He Can Also Turn Invisible Grab he's Enemies and Stab Them With His Blades.

Melee CombatEdit

In Melee Shadow Beast Zilla can use weapons like swords, Plasma Guns, his Claws, His Tail, His Spikes, His Jaws, Blades, Little Head in his mouth(xenomorph), and Air Attack.



Theme SongEdit

Blazblue Chrono Phantasma OST - BLACK AGGRESSION