Height 100 meters
Weight 60,000 metric tons
Gender Male
Title The Crocodile God
Combat Style Ranged
Primary Attacks Bite, Claws
Secondary Attacks Tail, Crocodile Roll
Primary Weapon Godly Beam
Secondary Weapon Crocodile Tears
Energy Style Stamina
Creator G&G-Fan


Sobek is a god made flesh, the actual Egyptian god Sobek in the body of a prehistoric crocodilian called a Kaprosuchus.


In ancient times, ancient Egyptians were being constantly attacked by kaiju. Desperate for a savior, a group of Egyptian priests began a special ritual that would enable one of the Egyptian gods to enter the body of a kaiju to protect them. They decided to use the god Sobek, and for the mortal body, they used a Kaprosuchus fossil that had been imported to Egypt as a gift to the pharaoh. They then proceeded to put Sobek into a mortal body. Once the ritual was complete, a gem was placed in the great croc's chest to make a stable connection between the God and his mortal form. Sobek was successful in protecting Egypt from kaiju, and soon Sobek became worshipped more than Ra, the Sun god. This made the other gods extremely jealous, and fused themselves with other animals. However, because of the lack of a special ritual, the connections were unstable, further corrupting them. Sobek was forced to fight his fellow gods, and was eventually left with no choice but to kill their mortal bodies. After defeating all of the other gods, Sobek decided to banish them to the heavens where they would never interact with mortals. During the fight the gem in his chest got greatly damaged, and Sobek slept at the bottom of the Nile River until the gem was restored. When he awoke in the present time, he decided to remain humanity's defender to this day.

Energy SystemEdit

Sobek has a jewel embedded in his chest, which supplies him with godly energy, allowing him to launch his godly powers at evildoers. He regains energy over time.

Ranged CombatEdit

Sobek can fire a beam of godly energy from his mouth, and can shoot blasts of energy from his eyes, known as Crocodile Tears.


Sobek has average grappling strength, easily able to lift kaiju smaller than him.

Melee CombatEdit

Sobek attacks with his teeth, claws, tail and with the two horns on his head.


As a crocodile, Sobek has a soft underbelly, which is vulnerable to attack. He also has trouble fighting tougher opponents when his energy is low.


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