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Overview: Soul Hunter is the pure essence of evil he is a Black Dragon with a Biollante like head and tentacles instead of wings he uses his tentacles to collect souls of humans killed near by (when he steps into a building or crushing cars) this souls are doomed forever and his body turns them into dark energie. He can fire that energie with his mouth as a beam of pure dark energie he can also fire smaller beams from his tentacles they require less dark energie and they do less dmg.

Origin: Soul Hunter was born by the enormous hate of a 18 year old German called Sebastian his life was a never ending pain nobody liked him and nobody would care if he dies this made him nearly insane and one dark night he heard a voice that was speaking to him he couldn't see who was talking he asked: who are you? the voice answered: I'm the devil, Satan himself, the king of hell and I can give you the power to seek for revenge on the humans who did this to you! and he gave Sebastian the ability to get power from the souls of the dead. After years of feeding from souls and killing everyone he ever hated he became a monster no one can recognize as a human being he has become a powerful and gigantic daemon more monster than men. From this time on he isn't Sebastian anymore now he is the daemon Soul Hunter. Destroying everything build my humans in his way and feeds from the souls of those passing his way of destruction and killing.

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