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Height: 96 meters Length: 192 meters Weight: 48,000 tons Gender: Male Combat Style: Melee Primary attacks: Fists,tail,knee and claws secondary attacks: Teeth and Spikes Primary weapon: Plasma breath, electric spikes Secondary weapon: Plasma tail whip Energy Style: Beam

Overview: Spike is a large snake with a sapient body posture, he is also a loud-mouthed sometimes a foul-mouthed guy. His home planet was destroyed along with another planet. He currently lives in earth to protect them.

Origin: Spike is one of the survivor of his species whose planet was destroyed when another planet which was moved from it's orbit collided with his planet, he was brought to earth along with his brother and was adopted by another giant when his brother was lost. Years have passed and Spike was a grown monster fighting with another monster which he defeated by using his plasma tail whip, when suddenly a group of monster known as kaijus were fighting he thought it would be fun to join them.He was severely injured but he said something was wrong when he was fighting, he sensed danger.

Energy System: Since spike has been living on earth for thousands of years now he has adapted to the sun and his surrounding, so he regains energy from the earth and sunlight.

Ranged: Spike can charge himself up and can shoot out a long stream of plasma from his mouth which can destroy his opponent. He can also channel the plasma to his tail and whip them with it, he can also threaten his opponents by showing his spikes which he can charge with electric.

Melee: He usually fights like a normal human, by using his fists and throwing kicks, his tail is also used for melee combat and so are his claws.

Grappling: though not used often, Spike will use grappling techniques to defeat his opponents when enraged.

Appearance: Spike is very tall and slender he also have a dark red colour for his body, despite being heavy and muscular, he is very fast and flexible too.

Personality: Your kaiju is most likely to get taunt by this guy, he usually jokes around and scares people. Sometimes even not focus in fights, but when the situation worsens, he becomes very serious.

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