Height 85 Meters
Weight 35,000 Tons
Gender Female
Combat Style Melee
Primary Attacks Spikes, Various Appendages
Secondary Attacks Poison
Primary Weapon Poison Stream
Secondary Weapon Bone Spear
Energy Style Stamina


Stabitha is a some what gelatinous green monster covered in curved spikes. She can spit poison at opponents from her mouth. Although she normally assumes a bipedal form, most of her body mass is malleable, except for her boney skeleton and bone protrusions. This offers her significant damage resistances, but slows her reaction times compared to monsters built from blood and flesh.


Stabitha is an artificially grown creature, based on a piece of alien DNA that fell to earth. Mis-guided Kaiju expert Dr. Furosawa grew Stabith in a lab as a last-defense against possible Kaiju threats, but woefully underestimated Stabitha's ability to ignore his commands and set her own agenda, once loose. It is not known whether Stabitha's malleable body is an attribute native to her alien origins, or if it developed as a result of her unusual gestation.

Energy System

Stabitha regains energy relatively slowly over time.

Ranged Combat

Stabitha can fire a ray of poison from her mouth - which does only mild damage on impact, but poisons her enemy, and reduces their ability to heal. In dire circumstances, Stabitha can pull out one of her solid bones, and hurl it like a spear at her opponent, causing terrible harm.


Stabitha is rather weak, which makes it difficult for her to hoist other monsters. However, her shifting body mass simultaneously makes her difficult to grapple with successfully. On balance this ends up discouraging grapple attempts from her opponents.

Melee Combat

Stabitha uses long combo attacks to impale and poison her opponents at a fairly short range. Her limbs can stretch to grant her amazing melee range, which helps to make up for her slower than average attack speed. Many of Stabitha's melee attacks deal poison damage as their primary method of injury. This makes individual attacks very strong, but means that over time Stabitha's attacks become less useful - because her opponents are already poisoned!


Stabitha moves at normal speed, but her attack speed is decisively slow. Stabitha relies on poison effects to damage her opponents - but her poison does not stack, and thus she needs to alternately engage and break off with her opponents, to keep her damage at maximum effectiveness.