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Height: 76 meters

Weight: 45,000 metric tons

Gender: Female

Combat Style: Ranged

Primary Attacks: Wing Slice, HARDCORE Peck

Secondary Attacks: Kick

Primary Weapon: Blue and white beam from wings

Secondary Weapon: Baby blue ray from mouth

Energy Style: Weather/Environmental

==Description== She is a Bali Starling (picture below) but more majestic and skinnier she also has long tail feathers, and has weird blue Maori designs throughout her body.(Short and sweet)

==Overview== Star is a Bali Starling that will take on anyone or anything that tries to take peace away so evil kaiju beware!!

==Origin== A long time ago in Bali, Indonesia a organization of poachers was on a world tour and next stop was Bali they were killing many species of wildlife all over the island. There was a tribe that saw the poachers mischief and they called upon the guardians to stop the evil hunters. And they sure did Star known as Bintang by the tribe. Came upon earth and her majesty was the poachers biggest prize. They all got their Biggest and best firearms and tried to kill Star but she attacked them back killing the group! She was injured very badly and she retreated to where ever she came from. Promising to return to any evil on this world!

==Energy System== The sky and clouds heal her faster then anywhere else where as oceans give her energy. She heals/Regenerates faster from places untouched by humans so they skies above chicago are more likely to choke her! But places like unknown islands she thrives in! Ranged Combat: She can shoot out a baby blue ray from her mouth that is known as the Bintang ray. She also can fire a Blue and white beam from her wings. If she wants to attack without damage she uses a pink powder that if comes out and causes sleepiness to the other kaiju, It comes out of her wings when she shakes them

==Grappling== She is light and basically any kaiju with arms can pick her up. But shes fast so doing that would be difficult. But since she has no arms shes kinda screwed for grappling

==Melee Combat== When she has range she uses it because when shes in melee she can't take very many hits without getting weak. And on top of that she isn't strong but she can deliver very quick kicks! Weaknesses: She isn't a good up close fighter. Making her weak in that field. She also tends to become weaker and less energetic in smoggy areas such as big cities or worst of all.......Nucular power plants!

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