stark is a kaiju made by forum user spyro1101. he is a dragon found by the Mayans and the germans and was used for defense purposes.

height: 120 weight: 80,000 tons gender: male primary attack: slashing secondary attack: tail wip primary weapon: fire secondary weapon: claws energy style: charging

overview: worshiped by the Mayans, stark became the second earth defender to guard earth after obsidious. he was discovered years later by the Germans and was kept a secret ever since. during the wars stark was awakened to fight the Americans but lost both times. after the wars the Americans questioned the Germans why they possessed such a monster. they said "they found it in 1939 and kept it a secret in case something went wrong they would release him form his slumber to protect them."

origin: he was worshiped by the Mayans and was respected by them. they gave him fruits and meat as tokens of gratitude. stark helped the Mayans fight off enemy tribes that threatened to invade them. years later the Germans discovered him and decided to not reveal him. in world war 1 the Germans used stark to fight against the Americans. but stark lost and escaped with minor wounds that are treatable. in world war 2 Hitler learned of stark and admired him. when Russia Britain and France attacked stark was awakened to fight them. but, stark lost once more and had fatal wounds on his neck and body. when parasites,aquagon,and flyer beast attacked stark was awakened to fight them. he got into a brief encounter with aquagon and defeated him causing aqaugon to retreat. when he met obsidious the two got into a fight. he was eventually knocked out by obsidious when he was punched in the head. he later came to obsidious' aid in his battle with parasitis. when the two were about to finish him off a t-rex comes out from the forest and snaps parasitis' neck. the 3 monsters soon go their separate ways and walk off. obsidious stark and the t-rex later look into the sun rise from a cliff and roar in victory.

grappling: he can grab trees and buildings with his mouth to throw them at enemies melee combat: he knows little of melee combat but can deliver painful slashes weakness: radiation

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