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Height: 110 Meters Weight: 50,000 Gender: Male Combat Style: Ranged Primary Attacks: Whale Kick Secondary Attacks: Whale Headbutt Primary Weapons: Uber Mega Heat Ray Secondary Weapons: Uber Mega Track Grenades Energy System: Stamina

Overview: The Uber Mega Death Whale is an ancient time-travelling whale from the future coming to Earth to wipe out the human race due to there being an abundance of their enemy on Earth: logic. Intense scientific research has told us that he is indeed a whale. On stilts.

Origin: The Uber Mega Death Whale came from the planet Whality. This place was a planet without logic. Everything you know is wrong, like up is down and short is long. And everything you thought was just so important doesn't matter. These were flying whales that feasted on space jellyfish by farting out their intestines onto them. But a cosmic cloud of logic was traveling through space, hitting their planet. This nearly killed everything on the planet, and the Death Whale species didn't want it to happen again. So they used a blade of grass to determine that the logic cloud came from a planet called... "Earth." So they outfitted a brave Death Whale with a heat ray and stilts to help cope with the abundance of logic, and they sent him off into the void to conquer Earth and terraform it into another logic-free world.

Energy: The Uber Mega Death Whale recovers energy over time.

Ranged: The Uber Mega Heat Ray on his back can fire rays of up to a bazillion degrees Celsius. This weapon deals heavy damage, but he cannot fire it for a long time. And due to a lengthy and harmful procedure, he can expel tracking grenades through his nostrils. They slowly fall to the ground, tracking the opponents moves

Grappling: The Uber Mega Death Whale has a hard time grappling heavy foes, and uses his gigantic mouth to throw his opponents.

Melee: The Uber Mega Death Whale is supported by stilts of a illogically strong material. This material enables him to kick his opponents and knock them of guard. He can also pounce, but what it looks like is he leaps forward on his stomach and gets up. His lesser attacks include Whale Swallow and Whale Flip.

Weaknesses: The Uber Mega Death Whale may be reinforced with no logic, but other machines that use logic (i.e. Every machine ever) have a slight advantage against him. And while he's adequate at melee, a good fighter or a quick fighter can outmaneuver his illogically slow attacks. His ranged moves deal illogically high damage, but they take up a lot of energy and the bombs are limited like ammo.

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