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Name: Tausendilain

Height: 105 meters

Weight: 55,000 metric tons

Gender: male

Combat style: melee

Primary attacks: bite, and claw slash

Secondary attacks: arm slice spikes, and spike kicks

Primary weapon: plasma balls

Secondary weapon: centipede summoning

Energy style: parasitic

Overview: Tausendilain is the result of alien gene splicing and cybernetics to create a deadly Kaiju of mass destruction. he is very loyal to his creators and has a deep hatred towards man kind and other Kaiju, epically other alien Kaiju who compete with his creators for domination of earth and the rest of the universe.

Origin: a race of intergalactic warlords know as the dominators saw how many races tried and failed to conquer earth, and they established the idea that they would have to fight fire with fire. earth Kaiju vs. earth Kaiju. so they sent probes to collect samples of life forms on earth. they collected the DNA of centipedes, apes, and reptiles. They then proceeded to combined this collected DNA with that of there own to create the ultimate killing machine. Thus with some cybernetic enhancements the Kaiju known as Tausendilain was born.

Energy system: Tausendilain's left arm is equipped with spikes that can drain the energy from any thing they puncture, and only the fastest or most well armored Kaiju can defend against.

Ranged combat: Tausendilain can fire two large purple plasma balls from twin cannons on his left arm. When the balls touch any surface they explode and leave a burning plasma on the surface for a few minutes.

Grappling: Tausendilain uses his right arm to grab foes and throw them, he is very strong, and not many can compete with his grappling strength.

Melee combat: Tausendilain is a very powerful melee combatant. He can slash foes with his right arm, and can also slash with his left arm spikes, along with a powerful bite, and spiked kicks. He is also able to release large mutated centipedes from his shoulder plates that attack and poison foes.

Weaknesses: Sonic blasts are known to distract and harm him, and he can be cocky at times which can distract him from his goals. enough brute force can also take him down.

Tausendilain's colors: claws: black armor: black skin: blue eyes: black cornea, blue iris