Height 50 meters at the shoulder
Weight 70,000 metric tons
Gender Male
Title The Extraterrestrial Burrower
Combat Style Melee
Primary Attacks Teeth, Spiked Tail Maw
Secondary Attacks Claws, Headbutt
Primary Weapon Red Energy Beams
Secondary Weapon Spike Shot, Metal Spit
Energy Style Stamina
Creator G&G-Fan


Tryponoskavos is an extraterrestrial burrowing creature that landed on Earth, was captured, held in Area 51, and eventually escaped. All over his body are spikes that are made of a space metal called Organic Titanium, an extremely durable natural Titanium alloy.


Tryponoskavos is from a distant planet not yet discovered, yet he somehow found his way to Earth in the early 1950's. His arrival was covered up when he was captured by an elite group of government officials that specialize in capturing and containing large extraterrestrial threats, and he was taken to Area 51 to be studied. The scientists at the facility called the creature Tryponoskavos, and they eventually figured out that his spikes were made of a metal from his home planet which they called Organic Titanium. When they found out that Organic Titanium was stronger and lighter than Titanium, they attempted to remove the metal to use in anti-kaiju mechs. They tried to remove the metal for many years, to no avail, as it was merged into the creature's skeleton. One day the creature decided that he could no longer stand the poking and prodding by the scientists, and with all the strength he could muster, he broke out of the facility that held him for decades, releasing other alien kaiju that had also been imprisoned. Now Tryponoskavos is loose in the 21st century, causing destruction worldwide.

Energy SystemEdit

Tryponoskavos regains energy slowly over time, as his extraterrestrial metabolism allows him to quickly replenish his ranged attacks.

Ranged CombatEdit

Although he prefers to be close up, Tryponoskavos does have powerful ranged attacks. His primary ranged attack are twin energy beams he fires out of the red slits on his head. He also can shoot spikes made of pure Organic Titanium from the mouth at the end of his tail. Organic Titanium is produced naturally by Tryponoskavos, so he can also spit globs of liquid Organic Titanium, which hardens very quickly, encasing anything it hits in Organic Titanium.


Tryponoskavos, being a quadruped, is not so good at grappling, but his armor makes him heavy and hard to lift.

Melee CombatEdit

This is Tryponoskavos' specialty. His primary melee weapon is his spike covered tail, which also has a spiked maw at the end he can bite with. He can also bite enemies with his teeth, slash at them with his claws, and bash them with his heavily armored head


Tryponoskavos prefers melee combat, but can be overpowered by a kaiju that is stronger in melee combat. While his impenetrable armor offers great protection, it does so at the loss of speed.