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Height: 30-100 metres Weight: 65,000 tons Gender: Female Combat style: Grappling Primary attacks: Snap jaw, Strangle Secondary attacks: Tail slam, Headbutt Primary weapon: Corrosive fluid Secondary weapon: Whirlwind barrage Energy style: Hunger

Overview: Terraptyl is a snake/worm-like alien creature, who has drifted through space in search of planets to devour and find a suitable habitat to give birth to offspring. When she consumes something, her sacs fill with black fluid which its offspring drinks but is acidic to other creatures. If her huge teeth get damaged, new ones grow rapidly in their place. Terraptyl is relentless by nature, destroying everything in her path.

Origin: The Tylkran are a species of giant anthropods that consume planets' resources so they can feed their offspring until they've reach maturity, then they move on to the next planet when the current planet has been devoured completely. Their have been some accounts of Tylkran destroying several cities, such as beijjing and los angeles. Scientists have gathered muscle fibres of a deceased Tylkran and have discovered that, in the genetic code, the Tylkrans muscles cannot be torn, but can only be stretched.

Melee combat: Terraptyl is snappy and quick, using fast bites and tail swipes when trying to save energy, but she uses her whirlwind barrage to cause massive damage while being invincible. Every time Terraptyl bites an opponent, she gains some energy.

Ranged combat: Terraptyl's corrosive fluid is her main option when trying to keep her distance between her enemies. She can also wrap around buildings and fling them as projectiles.

Grappling: Grappling is key to causing damage when playing as Terraptyl because, when she coils herself around an opponent, she can tighten her grip causing continuous damage to them. She can also release her corrosive fluid of her sacs to cause more damage but at the cost of energy.

Energy style: Terraptyl gets her energy by consuming buildings and biting opponents.

Weaknesses: If there are no more buildings for Terraptyl to eat, she will have a hard time regaining energy. She takes more damage from electric-based attacks.

Movement: Terraptyl moves around like a snake, slithering across the floor on its front and assuming a striking cobra position when attacking,

Ferocity: 5 Agility: 7 Power: 2 Fortitude: 5 Strength: 7 Weight: 5

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