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Height: 145 Meters Weight: 100k Tons Gender: Male Combat Style: Melee Primary Attacks: Maligna Infinity Secondary Attacks: Spikes, Punches Primary Weapons: Maligna Infinity Secondary Weapons: Supernatural Abilities Energy Style: Accelerated Cell Division

Appearance: Terrortoma has many human features. Through his supernatural abilities, he’s formed himself an exoskeleton of sorts. He has also transformed his muscular frame to be near impenetrable.

Overview: Terrortoma was once an N’Biaean born on a faraway world called the ‘Ballistics System”, where he was born in a simple blood line of basketball players. Now, he is infamous for his endless destruction throughout the world, garnering him his current name.

Origion: As a young N’Biaean, Macus Jodus quickly built a name around himself. Known as probably the best rising young basketball player, they donned him “The Prophet of Basketball”. Soon, the young star fell ill. Cancerous cells, gone unnoticed since birth, began to take their toll on his body.

As the years grew darker, the frailing Macus had one last dying wish. To meet his idol, Slamicus Jamicus. The reigning king of basketball. Unbeknownst to Macus, the great lord Slamicus had long since left the planet N’Biae. Hearing the news, feelings of anger, regret, and depression began to stir in the now bedridden Macus. Such strong feelings were this soup of emotions that it begain to will itself into existence, flowing through into the cancerous cells of the young N’Biaean.

As the feelings willed themselves into his body, Macus began to feel a strength long since forgotten. A youth, a feeling of invicibility. A feeling of unstoppableness. Macus crashed through the hospital walls, never to be seen on N’Biae again.

Years later, accounts of a massive abomination on the trails of Slamicus were tracked. Rampaging through the footsteps of the King. A shell of lost promises and dreams, the entity took on a new name.


Energy System: Supernatural cell division powers the giant that is Terrortoma, causing him to gradually gain energy over time. Such fast cell division comes at a self destructive cost. If Terrortoma’s energy bar is full, he begans to gradually take damage over time.

Ranged Combat: Terrortoma focuses his malign emotions into corporeal power, granting him the ability to shoot beams as will as bending the fabric of space itself to pull off incredible feats of magic.

Grappling: Terrortoma is a massive strong kaiju. He might not do anything fancy but you’ll surely feel his power.

Melee Combat: Terrortoma’s strength is nearly unmatched close ranged. With massive sharp claws and powerful muscles behind every strike, Terrortoma can inflict massive amounts of damage from this range.

Weaknesses: Terrortoma has to keep up his energy usage to avoid the backdraft of his energy system. He’s not too fast either.

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